Kitchen Food Cutter Chopper Clever Kitchen Knife with Cutting Board SP

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  • Instead of Your Knife and Cutting Board - Combination food chopper and cutting board makes cutting, slicing and dicing easy and fast, save you time and money.

  • Safe and Convenient - Dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning. Locking safety hinge helps prevent accidental cuts, hang on the wall, avoid children touching.

  • Ergonomic Design & Multi Purpose - Made from PP plastic handle makes it extremely comfortable grip. Small design, space saving, also helps to easy carry for picnic, barbecue, etc.

  • Super Sharp Blade & Effort Saving - Made from strong and sturdy stainless steel. Super sharp blade makes it easier to chop various food with little effort. Avoid your hand injury due to excessive force.

  • Easy to Clean and Use -- dishwasher safe Replace all your kitchen knives and cutlery with one easy to use , slicing and dicing easy and fast.


  • Package Size: 24x7x3cm/9.4x2.7x1.1inch

  • Cross Weight: 177g/0.39lb

  • Material: PP, Stainless Steel

  • Types of the food that could be easily cut: Apples, cucumbers, celery, tomatoes, carrots, corn, cheese, salami, potatoes, onions, bread, chicken, steak, etc.

How to use:

Step 1

Slide the food between the blade and cutting board. The easiest way to slice is to place the food closest to the pivot point.

Never attempt to cut foot that is larger than the opening of the kitchen cutter.

Step 2

Squeeze the handle firmly to chop. The power pressure handle will automatically open for quicker easier slicing.

Be sure to keep your hand/fingers clear from the blade when you are using it.

Step 3

Place a bowl or plate underneath to gather all the vegetable or fruits.

It's better to choose a big container so that the vegetable or fruits will not be sprinkled everywhere.

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